About Miriam Gray

This is where I am to very briefly tell you about my childhood. I might even make a clever joke about being raise with medinite nannies. 

I am then going to talk about myself and the spiritual journey that led me to making this page. 

I am going to talk about the things that are close to me. 

This is where I wrap up with why I hope you're here.

The vision I want to share with the world and what I intend to do with this space.

and a clear call to action. 


My Latest

The Kids.

Baby Z + Big Girl K.

This is a space where I will introduce my kids, the fact that they have different dads, and touch on my personal parenting philosophy 

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Of Screen and Pen

This is a space that I intend to tell why I am a screenwriter, my goal as a writer, what I hope to do with my audiences. 

Check out my portfolio and my watchlist. 

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