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I'm glad you're here if I'm honest, I'm glad I'm here. This is the year of my Saturn return, yup 29.5 earthside rotations. Let me tell you, this last year has been a whirlwind of a spiritual journey. Inner child work, shadow work, learning financial independence, emotional interdependence, running a business, and becoming a mom of two. Would you believe me if I said I was only getting started? IKR! Well, I am, I'm excited about it!

Welcome to my world.

I used to talk to be heard and feel seen, but somewhere along my healing journey, I learned to validate and be proud of myself.

This website is for me:
To contribute. To the overall discourse on parenting, being black, being a woman, and things close to my heart. 
To enlighten. There’s always more to see, another perspective,another angle.
To inspire. Representation matters. 
To engage. It is my honor + my service. It cost me nothing to affirm my brothern.

Infinite love and gratitude 


Mom + Entreprenuer= Superwoman? 

Big girl K + Baby boy Z.

This lifetime, thus far, I'm the momiana to one fiercely unique 7-year-old girl and a 3.5-month baby boy! K+ Z and me, together we make a loud little tribe that I call my family. We're journying together, admitedly somedays I don't know who is teaching who how to be, but I love it all the same! Our souls chose each other and it's my kind of perfect. 


Entrepreneur: Someone who thinks a lot, knows they have thee best ideas, and ignores the whisphers of the world while chasing their wildest dreams.

That's the definition, right? It's mine. I knew that day when I sold my first $10 mud pie, that I'd be chasing that rush the rest of my life!

I created Gray Matters Inc. as a creative think-tank where I house all of my ventures and projects.

Miracle Made Fitness- Gym/Fitness Center

LieusThreads- Weight loss clothing exchange platform.

Ngage- Saas Millenial Corporate engagement software.

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