Hey! So Glad You're Here.

If there is a problem to solve, I'll find a solution...or 17. 

If there is a better way to do something, you best believe I'm going to let you know.. might upset you along the way, but isn't that the debt of perfection? My moon in Virgo would say, yes! This is precisely how I accepted my work as an entrepreneur.

Trust me, I fought the calling for as long as one could. Taking various jobs that I was overqualified for, passionately, ready to "challenge the workplace status quo and achieve unheard of heights", only to find myself uncomfortably bored and creating an exit mere months later. To be called "flighty" is really a right of passage for a Gemini Sun, and trust me, I got my badge. Trying to fit in and do what I had been taught, or so I thought...my 20's have been a wild ride!

I've had some fun, made some beautiful babies, and experienced some utterly humbling baffling moments along the way and I'm still smiling... but how else would a sagittarius rising woman handle anything?

Here I am, the eve of my 30's, coming out of a harrowing Saturn Return Season, I find myself bold accepting all of me. I'm enjoying writing and I find myself called to share more and more of my experiences. So here we are.

I'm a mommy of two gifted and interesting chu'ren, big girl K and baby boy Z.

I'm a black woman.

I'm single... 

I love to cook and I bake my ass off, I can also show you where the best meals in my city are at!

I live my life one richly saturated experience to another, you are now inside the mind of a real life enigma. 

This is Gray Matter.

Drop Me a Line, Let Me Know What You Think

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